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  New Boiler Replacement & Installation Costs Done Correctly

The process of buying a new boiler replacement

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The questions you start asking yourself can be daunting at first. What type of boiler do you need? What is the best boiler brand? How much does a new boiler cost? how do you find the best boiler prices? Online Boiler Guide will help you through the big descisions you need to make and what you can expect.

Boiler prices do change. We do suggest you get a free home visit from a gas safe company to give you a quote as there are a lot of factors that can affect your quotation. The biggest is your existing pipework. Some clients get caught out with 'on the telephone quotes'. Just supplying a new boiler and a engineer is not enough, your heating engineer needs to see what your home has, is it a one pipe system or two pipe system,  your current size of Gas Pipe, Flue Position, Condensate run etc.  So insist you have a free home visit. We have heard many stories from our heating engineers that when they turn up on jobs that have been quoted over the phone. The job can go wrong and need further money as the existing system has problems.

You have a choice between:

Combi Boilers which are an all in one unit which are fed water directly from the mains supply and produce hot water for taps and radiators.  IMPORTANT TIP!  make sure the person quoting your boiler uses a 'weir gauge' to monitor your water flow. Poor mains supply will not work a Combi Boiler. You may need a new water main feed installed. Which means digging a trench from road to your home. 

System Boilers are also fed water from the mains supply and will supply your radiators with hot water, but they need a hot water cylinder to be able to provide hot water for domestic use.

Regular or Traditional Boilers require a tank of cold water in the loft for their water supply. The boiler provides hot water for heating but needs a separate hot water cylinder to produce hot water for domestic use.   

Signs  your boiler is in trouble!

If your boiler is beyond economical repair. It would be cheaper to replace the boiler than to repair it.

If the Boiler is over 8 Years old. Most Boilers have an average lifespan of 10-15 years, but they can often start to lose efficiency after 8 years. If  your boiler is approaching this age, it could be best to replace it before it breaks down and you are left without heating and hot water!. Boiler Sales are usually good in the summer months!. Old boilers are also less efficient and may be making your heating bills unnecessarily expensive.

The Boiler does not produce enough hot water to heat all your radiators and hot water demand. You may need a higher output boiler and/or a hot water cylinder.

Your Boiler has a low energy efficiency rating (not a A Rated). You will be seeing your costs getting higher to run the boiler.

If you are planning to sell or rent out your property. An A Rated boiler should improve the energy rating of your home, which will make it more attractive to potential buyers or renters. Please remember if you are going to rent you will need an annual Landlord's Gas Safety Certificate.

Older Boilers can pose a  danger if there's a risk of a gas leak or exposure to carbon monoxide poisoning. It is important to note that even new boilers require maintenance and annual servicing by a Gas Safe Engineer to ensure they are working effectively, efficiently and safely.   

Replacing your boiler is an investment in your home, reducing your energy bills, going green with good quality boilers. You will be rewarded with improved comfort, keeping your home safer, lower your carbon footprint and make your property more attractive to potential buyers or renters.


Boiler Installation by a Local Boiler Replacement Company 

It becomes exciting! you can either have a new boiler or a new central heating system installed. with new radiator designs and new TRV's you get to pick either something designer or standard.  Your local heating engineer will carry out the work for you.  Your experienced heating engineer will need to take a good look at your existing boiler and current system. We do suggest you get 3 quotes. Sometimes it is not all about price, but can you deal with this person?.  I always look at how people carry themselves, how they speak to you. I can't stand rude people talking down to you!  Don't let anyone sell you something you do not want.    Make sure you feel comfortable with this person, if  you are unsure end the visit  and carry on auditioning your heating engineer!

Using our online form we will try to get you 3 gas safe engineers in your local area. Prices quoted will vary, depending on the work involved to replace your boiler. Most of the companies will have finance available, but you can use your credit card and make the minimum payment to your card.

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