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Boiler leaking water 

when your boiler is leaking water
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 Leaking Boiler - Is it dangerous to have a leaking boiler?

  A boiler leaking water requires the urgent attention of a heating engineer as it could lead to serious damage. Corroded pipes, high pressure and loose joints are all common reasons of a boiler leaking water and if your boiler was only installed recently, the leak could be down to poor installation.
How to Fix a Leaking Boiler Pipe
Turn off the water supply. To keep the puddle from growing, it is a good idea to stop the water supply to the boiler.
Switch off the heating.
Drain the system.
Mop up the water.
Wait for the plumber.
In the meantime, check your insurance policy.

check with your insurance company
Can I use my boiler if its leaking water?
If you spot a leak or find that the boiler pressure has dropped dramatically in a short space of time (suggesting a leak) then do not use your boiler. Instead, switch off the water supply and the central heating and contact a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Can boilers be dangerous?
My boiler is making a lot of noise.
Gurgling, banging, or whistling sounds should probably be looked at.
They are likely to be caused by air or a build-up of material inside your central heating. It is not a dangerous situation but if left unattended, a build-up could lead to a boiler breakdown and expensive repairs.

Why is my boiler leaking from the bottom?
Your boiler dripping water from the bottom is not good news. It could be a sign that the pipes inside your boiler have corroded. ... If there is dripping water coming from the bottom of your boiler, you are going to need to get a Gas Safe registered engineer to look at it for you.

Why does my boiler leak when it rains?
The chances are that either the seals around the flue have failed or boiler flue pipe is sloping inwards to your property, the pipe should slope slightly outwards to prevent the ingress of rain. It is not a good situation and could compromise the safety of your boiler.

How much does it cost to repair a boiler?
The cost of boiler repair can vary depending on the extent of the fault or damage. You can expect to pay anything from £150 for a minor repair such as a replacement fan, gas valve or printed circuit board or closer to £400 for more serious work, such as a replacing a heat exchanger.

How long does it take to replace a boiler?
1-3 days On average, a new boiler installation can take between 1-3 days depending on the complexity of the job. You should also set aside time for your survey appointment, which will take place prior to your installation.

How long do boilers last?
around 15 years You can expect modern boilers to last for around 15 years, or potentially even longer if you get a good quality model and service it regularly.
How do you know if your boiler is going to explode?
Rotten Egg Odour
The smell of rotten eggs near your water heater is another sign your water heater could burst as it indicates a gas leak.
Gas leaks occur due to poor installation, damaged gas lines and other system issues.
The water heater's pilot light can ignite the gas, leading to a severe explosion and fire.

boiler leaking water

 The Viessmann is an Efficient, durable, quiet The corrosion-resistant stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchanger with unrivalled wall thickness, is extremely durable and achieves efficiency levels of up to 97%. The boiler's special design ensures the very low operating noise of 39 dB(A) maximum (26 kW), which is perfectly acceptable even in the kitchen.
 Gas safety during the coronavirus pandemic

 Boiler Dripping Water

landlord's advice by ask dave
This gives an overview of HSE’s guidance for landlords, registered gas engineers and clinically vulnerable (shielded)
tenants during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
You have a legal duty to repair and maintain gas pipework, flues, and appliances, do annual gas safety checks, and keep a record of each safety check. But you may have difficulty doing these checks during the pandemic, for example because of tenants who are self-isolating.
During the pandemic, landlords should assess the balance of the risk to the safety of the household and the public presented by the gas system with the risk to tenants’ health from coronavirus.

What landlords need to do during the coronavirus pandemic?
Registered gas engineers
Work that cannot be done from home during the pandemic can continue
this includes work in other people’s home, such as plumbing, electrical and gas work.

How to return to work safely in a customer's home Shielded tenants.
If you are a shielded person, you should minimise all interaction with others.

You should inform your landlord, who must assess the balance of the risk presented by the gas system with the risk to your health.
This assessment may show that the gas safety check should still go ahead to ensure your safety.

what to do when water is coming out of your boiler 

ask dave why my boiler is leaking water 
 If you are interested in the Viessmman Vitodens 100 or other brand of boiler it would be a good idea to ask each gas safe engineer who visits you to give you a price on this boiler. Please make sure you ask them to see if this boiler is suitabe for your home.