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Explanation of what a Combi Boiler is and why it is popular. 

Combination (combi) boilers are the most popular type of boiler in the UK due to their smaller size and being more economical than other boiler types.
Worcester Combi boilers are compatible with all fuel types (gas, oil, and LPG) and come with up to a 10-year guarantee. 
We discover Worcester Bosch Range

Discover Worcester Bosch Range of combi boilers
Discover Worcester's Greenstar 8000.
Our top of the range Greenstar 8000 is a stunning, design-led boiler for the heart of your home without any compromise on quality or performance. Available with a choice of high gloss black or white, our top of the range Style boilers has been designed to deliver the highest levels of heating comfort for your home. Yes, it is a boiler, but not as you know it. 

Black Combi Boiler in the Style range
Worcester's Greenstar 8000 boiler features a modern new design and can be fully installed with our FastTrack service for a maximum price of £2,900.
Innovative technology Our Style boilers feature innovative technology that will maximise your comfort and help to optimise heating and hot water performance. When paired with the Bosch Easy Control, you have the power to effortlessly control your home’s heating and hot water from anywhere.
Our Bosch Easy Control is compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant, giving the ability to control your heating through your smart speakers at home.
Quietly keeping you warm Not only does the Style range feature a fantastic new design, more power and greater connectivity, we have even made it one of our quietest boilers too.

Style has been designed to sit comfortably in any room of your home to keep you cosy in the cold winter months, and you may not even know it is there. Greenstar i overview The Greenstar i is our most popular boiler.
It is perfect for small to medium sized homes with one bathroom and comes with a user-friendly control that allows you to easily adjust your heating and hot water to meet your exact requirements. * Up to a 10-year guarantee when installed by a Worcester Accredited Installer.
Terms and conditions apply.
Simple boiler controls with clear information display Condensates discharge resilient to freezing up to -15’C
Wide choice of controls enables greater comfort and economy.
Low energy pump reduces electrical usage. Hot water instantly heated from cold mains. Achieves an A+ ERP package efficiency rating for heating when installed with a smart internet connected Bosch Easy Control Bosch Easy Control - Smart Thermostat Does it the Easy Way?
Want to heat your house before you get home from a weekend away?
Turn off the heating in an unused bedroom?
Check your energy use anywhere from your phone?
With up to 12-year guarantee when installed with one of our boilers, the Bosch Easy Control is a smart connected thermostat which makes it easy to control your heating and hot water whilst saving energy.
Now wired or wireless (with Easy Control RF Key) installation available
Easy on the Eye Available in black and white, the wall-mounted controller has a modern, sleek design, making it a stylish addition to any home. With the ambient colour display designed to keep you informed as to what your Easy Control is getting up to.
A variety of fading coloured lights will notify you when the control is changing modes or settings. Far sight is now also available to show you practical information such as the time or the weather outside. Two colour options available Individual Room Control With Easy Control and Bosch smart radiator thermostats (Smart TRVs) you can easily control the heating in each individual room to give maximum comfort when and where you want it.
Our smart TRV’s even come with a child-lock setting, controlled through the Easy Control. Technology & Connectivity Let the Easy Control take over. Using the latest technology, the thermostat automatically turns the heating down if you are no longer in the house and detects when you are returning home, turning the heating up to your desired temperature.
There is now even more technology available to help you control your heating, including Amazon Alexa, tiarda our virtual assistant and IFTTT.
Simply pair your Easy Control and Alexa device to get started and control your heating using various voice commands. Easy to Manage.
The app provides you easy-to-understand graphs on your gas consumption for heating and hot water – it even can include current gas prices to give you accurate readings. The display shows how efficient your heating programmes are, so you can adjust setting to keep energy use at an optimum level. You can even book your annual boiler service via the app. Your installer will be notified that you have requested a service; or you can choose another reason for contacting the installer, for example a lack of heating and hot water.  .

Worcester Bosch 8000 style
combi boiler - boilers combi 
Check out the current Combi Boiler Price and the current trending new boiler. Worcester Bosch have designer Black and White High Gloss boilers.   Great if you are looking for something designer in your kitchen!