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Move Boiler 

move boiler

 How easy is it to relocate a boiler?
When a boiler is moved, the pipework needs to be moved as well, which is what adds most of the cost to the job.
It will also require extra time and additional labour. A like-for-like swap should take one day.
A new boiler in a new location should take around one and a half to two days.
Where can I move my boiler to?
Boilers are often big and cumbersome and with limited space, it makes perfect sense to want to move them out of the way, to lesser used and more discreet areas of your home. Commonly, ideal locations to house a boiler include attic space, garages, or a storage cupboard in some other area of your home.
Can you put a boiler in a garage?

can you move your boiler into the garage
Yes, it is possible to install the boiler in the garage with the pipes running underground. This would have to be done in accordance with regulations.

is it a good idea to put a boiler outside? No only in a room
Also, a frost protection device needs to be fitted in the garage to avoid the pipes freezing up.

 Cost to move Boiler - Cost to relocate Boiler

 How much does it cost to move a boiler 2023?
Whether you're getting a completely new boiler and disposing of your old one, or if you're simply moving your current model to a different location in your home.
You can usually expect a cost of around £350 to £700 for boiler relocation which usually includes all the parts and labour needed to complete the job.

Is it safe to have a combi boiler in a bedroom? 

It will be safe if the room abides the mandatory procedures surrounding the boiler installation.
The main safety regulation is to ensure the room is sealed. If the boiler takes air for combustion from the outside and emits its fumes outside via the flue, it's safe to install in your bedroom.
Can I move my boiler outside?
You can have your boiler installed safely in most rooms, or even the loft.
The boiler's flue must be able to pass to the outside, either through an outside wall or through the roof.
But having the boiler outside I would say NO! it is best to be in a room.

 Where is the best place to put a boiler?

 Here are some of the top locations in which homeowners choose to have their boilers installed:
Utility room.
Airing Cupboard.

Can you relocate an existing boiler?
Whilst it is possible to relocate an existing unit, if your boiler is older than 15 years, it will likely need replacing in the next few years.
However, if your current boiler is only a few years old, and is still under warranty then there is no need to purchase a new model and your current one can be relocated.

Do I need permission to move my boiler?

do you need permission to move a boiler
Planning permission is not normally required for installation or replacement of a boiler or heating system if all the work is internal,
though if you live in a listed building you should check with your local planning authority.

Can you store things in boiler cupboard?
This airing cupboard, or boiler cupboard, is kept warm by the heat inside the hot water tank, which means it is a popular place to dry damp laundry. Airing cupboards usually include shelves to dry and store towels, bedding and even clothes, which opens storage space elsewhere in the home.

 Can you move a boiler from upstairs to downstairs?

 Depending on how far you're moving it, the costs for pipework, flue extensions and gas connections will increase.
Moving a boiler from upstairs to downstairs costs more than relocating it in the same room.
Average costs of moving combi boilers are lower than standard boilers as they are less reliant on water tanks.

Is it a good idea to put a boiler in the loft?
Moving a boiler to the loft can enable you to hide all that pipework that was previously a bit of an eyesore.
This is particularly valuable for those who want a minimalistic house style or for those that want.

Does a combi boiler have to go on an outside wall?
Your boiler should be installed inside a building and can be fitted to any suitable wall strong enough to take its weight when full of water.
The boiler's flue must be able to pass to the outside, either through an outside wall or through the roof.
How do you hide a boiler?
All you need to do is build a box to cover the boiler with some plywood and paint it with Blackboard paint and you've got your own customised chalk cabinet!
The same safety procedures apply as a standard kitchen cabinet so make sure to leave a 50mm gap around the boiler and ensure the box is not airtight.

Do you need building regs to move a boiler?
Any gas safe engineer can move that boiler to wherever the original installer could move it to if they have the manufacturer’s instructions and install the boiler to the regulations that are written in the manufacturer’s instructions.

How much space do you need around a boiler?
The boiler should be easily accessible for any servicing or maintenance requirements. This means the door to the cabinet should be openable, and there should be a minimum gap of 700 mm between front of the boiler and a wall or other obstruction for the engineer to service it properly.
Does a boiler need fresh air?
To avoid serious combustion problems, the boiler must have an adequate supply of fresh air and a supply system that does not affect the boilers operation.

you need gas safe engineer to move your boiler
Is it illegal for a boiler to be in a bedroom?
According to the Health and Safety Executive as laid out in their Gas Safety Regulations 1998, since October 1998, a bedroom, or a room used as a sleeping space, cannot contain a gas fire, gas space heater or a gas water heater (including a gas boiler) that's over 14 kilowatts unless it is room sealed

Looking to move your boiler it is a good idea to get prices and compare brands.