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          “Premier Local Independent Gas Installation Specialist”.


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   “Discover Dave’s Journey: Watch the Video Now!”

Dave exists on the solid foundation Dave’s Father made and to strive forward
in the ever-increasing World of Heating.

we strive to keep green

 "We are committed to becoming more energy-efficient and eco-friendly, utilizing the latest materials and top brands. Our aim is to continue building MHS on the foundation of family values while reducing pollution for the safety of our planet and future generations. David Manning embarked on his career in Plumbing and Heating under his father’s guidance.

Tragically, his father passed away unexpectedly from undiagnosed diabetes in 1989. Despite the loss, Dave chose to honor his father’s legacy by continuing to serve his clients and expand the company. Even today, using his late father’s tools brings a tear to his eye.
Dave has successfully grown the company, upholding traditional family values and enhancing the business reputation established by his late father."

Dr Sally Clack-Manning PhD

“Dr. Sally Clack-Manning, PhD, Dave’s wife, leads the Accounts, Quotations, and Office Management. She brings her expertise in IT and office management to the company. Sally diligently sends out annual service reminders by post. Dave often finds himself smiling as he sees her dedicatedly typing customer quotes late into the night!”  

We are small enough to care and large enough to cope.

  “What Sets Us Apart as Industry Leaders?”

dave manning is the top seller in this area for worcester bosch boilers

"Our customers appreciate the familial atmosphere of our business. Dave is always available, day or night, to answer any queries.
He even made a house call on Christmas Day to help a widow understand her thermostat!
Dave says, “To me, all our customers are part of my family. Having lost my dad at an early age and with our families having moved out of the area, Sally and I consider our customers as our extended family.”
Dave often makes time for a cup of tea and a friendly chat with regular customers when he’s in their vicinity."  

“The Covid-19 pandemic is posing significant challenges for everyone.” .

 “This year has been bustling with repairs, breakdowns, and installations. With the shift to remote work, people are using their boilers and electricity more frequently to heat water and maintain a comfortable home environment. Unfortunately, some individuals are not receiving financial support from their companies to offset this additional expense.
Coupled with rising fuel bills, our customers are concerned about these extra costs. However, investing in a new, efficient boiler can help reduce gas bills and alleviate some of these financial pressures.”

mhs customer with news about covid
Mrs Sheridan says
“My Company is getting away with daylight murder. I must buy a new boiler as the strain on my old one was too much, but my Company who are closed do not have to pay for the office heat, electric and other expenses. I am even paying for stationery and stamps which is coming out of my pocket.”

 “David Manning: A Veteran in Boiler Installations and Technical Expertise”

designing a boiler system to save money

 "We are committed to adopting greener heating products as they become available, in an effort to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a healthier planet.
Our adherence to Gas Safe standards, regulations, and our advanced knowledge of heating products ensure that we remain at the forefront of our profession."

David Manning is on Gas Safe Register

 "David Manning personally installs your new heating system, a detail our customers appreciate as they prefer dealing directly with an expert rather than a salesperson.
Dave believes in the importance of conducting an on-site survey. He insists on inspecting your existing pipework to design the most suitable system that aligns with your budget and needs."

keep your home warm and cosy

“David Manning is consistently available to provide valuable advice.” 

 “Stay Warm this Winter with the Perfect Boiler from Dave Manning. Discover Why Combi Boilers are Currently Trending.
Contact Dave for More Details.”

dave manning can offer you a 12 year guarantee on worcester boilers

“Benefit from a 12-Year Guarantee on Selected Worcester Bosch Boilers, Installed by Accredited Professional Dave Manning.”  

all brands of boilers

 "While our preferred boiler brand is ‘Worcester Bosch’, we also offer a variety of other brands. We make it a point to engage with boiler manufacturers to stay updated on the latest advancements in home efficiency. Our goal is to help you save on heating costs and contribute to a greener environment. We understand that our customers value boilers that are user-friendly, efficient, high-quality, and affordable."

We find the best prices for boilers from our suppliers

 "In our efforts to keep costs low, we diligently seek the
‘Best Prices’ from our trade suppliers.
We ‘Pass on’ our discounts directly to our customers, ensuring they receive the most advantageous deal possible.
Our clients value honesty, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, reliability, and a sensible approach to heating."

our customers are happy!      

 “Dave Manning offers innovative strategies for reducing your gas bills.”

dave manning's regular blog

“Maintaining a Regular Blog and Always Ready to Assist Fellow Gas Safe Engineers”  


satisfaction guaranteed using MHS

“We pride ourselves on our high rating and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Our reputation for punctuality and delivering exceptional boiler service and gas replacement is well-recognized.
With consistent 5-star feedback scores, we uphold the highest standards of service. We simply cannot afford to deliver anything less than excellence.”  

 Credit Card Facilities 

Let Dave Manning get you through the  winter
mr drain give dave 5 stars

Mr Michael Drain "Competitive quote, well explained. Flexible on start arrangements. Very tidy workmanship, floor cloths down each day. Good team work . Had extra work on installation but no problem raised nor extra Charge."

Call Now Dave Manning to discuss your Gas Heating Savings.

We love Dave Manning 

Mr Andrew Skilton "Excellent service, immediately reactive, very helpful, competitive quote, short lead time, efficient and knowledgeable installation - great all round! Thank you."

what ever the season Dave Manning is here to  help you with your heating

Good Job, Dave Manning

Mrs Jane Webber "Very efficient. Good price and great guys." 

Look after your pets in a cold house

I trust David Manning 

Mrs Marilyn Emmett "Very clear explanation of their suggestions for a complete new system to include central heating as well as water heating with a larger combi boiler, 13 radiators and a shower.
They agreed to come back and talk about it in more detail after I had had time to consider. 
Dave worked his way through the house. Everything was left clean and tidy after the end of each day.
He allowed 10 days to complete the project and in fact finished in 8. Very polite, friendly and considerate. I found them trustworthy and reliable."

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get your free quote from dave manning

“Share with us your requirements, and Dave Manning will personally visit you, adhering to safety protocols, to design the optimal heating system tailored to your needs.”

"I had 3 Companies to quote for the boiler work. I accepted Dave's quote as he was a local Company, the price was good, workmanship excellent and overall a good experience.     Mr Powers - Surrey 

Dave Manning Accredited  Installer 

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